Who owns Shenley Park?

Shenley Park was granted, on a 150 year lease in 1992 by Hertsmere Borough Council, to a then newly formed charitable Shenley Park Trust.

How is it run?

When the Trust was started it was given a lump sum of money by Hertsmere Borough Council. This money was spent on renovating the properties that had been given on a lease together with the Park and also on restructuring the Park land itself, in particular the Walled Garden. Some of the money was invested to provide an annual income for the upkeep of the Park. The rental income gained from the properties that the Trust manages helps pay for the staff wages and general every day running costs. These monies are for the management of the Park for 150 years.

No other funding is given to the Park and it is an example of a self-financing Park. In 2002 Shenley Park won an award from ILAM (Institute of Landscape and Amenity Management) as an example of an innovative way of managing open space.

How is the Trust managed?

On a daily basis a team of staff managed by the Park Director run Shenley Park. To ensure that the aims and objectives are constantly being met by the Park and that the Park is run in accordance with the Charities Commission there are a Board of Trustees that oversee the running of the Park.

Each year Shenley Park holds an AGM, details of which are available through the Trust office or shall be advertised around the Park and on the home page of website.

Shenley Park Trust accounts can be viewed at any time by any member of the public, please contact the office or download the latest audited accounts here.

What are the Aims and Objectives of Shenley Park Trust?

The Shenley Park Trust was established in 1992 as an independent charitable trust with a 150 year lease from Hertsmere Borough Council. The primary purpose of the Trust is to provide and maintain a rural park for the residents of Shenley and surrounding areas. Specific aims and objectives were set, these being:

1. To establish and maintain a rural Park in the Parish of Shenley for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish and the neighbourhood thereof.

2. To provide and assist in the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants of Shenley.

3. To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of the features of historic or public interest in the said Park.

Details of the Trust?

A Company Limited by guarantee and registered in England

Company Registration No. 2504980

Registered Charity No. 803520

Shenley Park Trust, The Bothy, Shenley Park, Radlett Lane, Shenley, Herts, WD7 9DW.

Phone 01923 852629


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